Saturday, August 17, 2013

I am Back!


Been not posting for a while because I had some personal commitments to take care of.

Now thats done and I have decided to write again as TA is a passion which I hold dear.

Shifting this blog to a new blog aptly name after a philosophy that I adhere to:

Trade Less Trade Smart !

So see you all there!



Anonymous said...

Welcome back boss.. nice to see u in action again. Good luck

reshap said...

Any Commodities??

reshap said...

Need Idea for commodity trading

Stock Future Tips said...

Great idea of making new blog which will attract traders to don't go away anywhere.

Muhammad Nabeel said...

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Geet Khare said...

Asia markets open higher; Nikkei up 0.8%, Kospi higher by 0.8%

William Moore said...

Great post. I will be checking your new blog. Keep it up.

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