Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Polaris... A 5 Percenter Move From Here???

The chart below of Polaris, both the Hourly (left) and the Daily (right), we have a small divergence cum support cum OS bounce;

  1. Small positive divergence on the daily as well as looking to test support at 200 periods MA at 168 odd levels.
  2. The hourly also has a small divergence with OS levels.

A small Buy above 172 with a stop at 168 can target for 180!!!

Noida Toll Heading for 42!!!

Net profit of Noida Toll Bridge Company rose 44.89% to Rs 10.07 crore in the quarter ended June 2010 as against Rs 6.95 crore during the previous quarter.
The daily chart below looks like a breakout thingie, one can take a pick here weather it’s a breakout from the;
1.     Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern,
2.     A simple Triangle breakout,
3.     Or simply tryin2breakout of the 200 periods MA!!!

The volumes yesterday were good…need a follow through now…this looks like going to 40/42 provided the broader market obliges. Already in, keep a tight stop at 30 odd levels…planning to enter but scared about the broader trend then simply wait, as soon as you see strength in the market you will see this stock outperforming!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

RIL Views...Will 960 Give OS Bounce???

RIL We(a)kly Chart;

RIL Daily/Hourly Chart;

Sunday, August 8, 2010

On To Recovery!!!

I am back after spending 10 days in the hospital suffering from Dengue and almost hemorrhaging to Kingdome come!!! ……with my platelets count down to 20k, it needed two straight shorts of platelets and endless bottles of saline and few pills of antibiotics to get back my count to above 150k now.

Anyway will be back to posting regularly from midweek onwards!