Friday, April 18, 2008

Trading Survival Rules!!!!

These are few rules I am putting in here today. Hopefully I intend to read them daily.

· · Try to keep a current P&L; it’s easier to take losses.

· TRADE; you’re a trader, not an investor; but

· Never trade for trading’s sake; it’s better to do nothing.

· Never trade without a healthy attitude.

· Watch liquidity before trading.

· When there is nothing to do ---- DO NOTHING.


· Trade what you see and not what you think (this is a personal favorite).

· The trend is your friend.

· If you are having a good day, read these rules again!

· Always keep track of all your open positions.

· Don’t sweat it, trade it.

· If you are not sure, don’t do it.

· Never trade against the biggies; if anything, trade in front of them.

· Never use hindsight; instead look ahead to the next trade.

· Never say “never” and never say “forever”.

· The tape tells the story.

· Relax when nothing is going on.

· Never listen to opinions; deal only with facts.

· Never fantasize; focus on the next trade.

· Buy rumors, sell news.

· Keep expectations low; the profits will grow.

· Don’t carry mistakes home overnight.

· Be Patient; profits for the whole day (week/month/year) can come from one good trade.

· Never, never average down.

· Recap all trades at the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

Nice sumup. Great help for trade novices like me. Keep it up.

Tryin2Trade said...

Dear Anonymous,
thanks.i am also a novice like you.Hope we both progress in the markets.